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Moneystone Quarry Holiday Camp Judicial Review (JR)
This action seeks to quash the permision granted for the planning application SMD/2016/0378. The JR was heard in the High Court in Manchester on Thursday the 20th July. The case lasted all day but the judge reserved his decision. We expect the result towards the end of August and we will publish it when recieved.
Moneystone Public Inquiry
With regard to the appeal by Laver Leisure on planning application SMD/2014/0682, the Planning Inspector David Cullingford held a preliminary meeting with all 'Main Parties' in Leek on Thursday 27 July. At meeting were SMDC, the Appellant - Laver Leisure (LL) and their legal representatives, as well as the 5 "Rule 6" parties.
The Inspector went through the way the Public Inquiry would be organised and a preliminary timetable established. Several queries were raised and answered and a few queries reserved for when the Inquiry commences.
The big surprise of the day was the "Statement of Common Ground" (SoCG) between LL and SMDC. This is a normal part of the process within the overall Public Inquiry requiring the parties to agree on what it is in the Planning Application they do agree on - thus leaving the elements they disagree on to the Inquiry. SMDC had stated previously that they would vigorously defend their 0682 refusal, however the SoCG as produced by SMDC shows that the 13 metre high Hub will be replaced by a 6 metre high one, that all the lodges in Black Plantation have been relocated elsewhere within the site and that there will be additional screening with regard the views of the Listed Building - Little Eaves Farm. These are precisely the proposals passed by SMDC's Planning Committee contained within the 0378 application. As the formal substitution of 0682 by 0378 was previously refused by the Planning Inspectorate, it is something of a surprise to see it introduced again within the SoCG. The Inspector is to rule later if this 'introduction' via the SoCG is acceptable to him.
Also mentioned, and later sent to the Rule 6 parties, was a very lengthy Town and Country Planning Act (1980) Section 106 agreement that is to be signed by SMDC and LL if the Public Inquiry were to go in favour of allowing the appeal. This is another barrel of worms to be gone through to see just what is likely to be allowed to happen in the future with regard the proposed Moneystone Park. These should be accessible to you via SMDC's website (link to follow). There are also likely to be planning conditions added at some point.
The Inspector raised a few queries with the appellant regarding parking and vehicle trip rate volumes which LL have agreed to confirm by means of one of the several expert witnesses they wish to call at the Inquiry.
The Inspector specifically noted that there were 90 letters requesting refusal at the Public Inquiry with just one letter in support. Many thanks to those of you who wrote to Bristol to make your points regarding the appeal.
The Main Parties to the Inquiry have been allotted their time slots in the inquiry and some other non-Rule 6 parties, who have also indicated that they wish to speak at the Inquiry have been allocated time as there are only 3 or 4 of them. Also the Inspector expects other members of the public to wish to speak at the Inquiry. He has therefore allocated some time for this to happen as well. It will therefore be necessary for those of you who do have points to make to turn up on the first day and to gain the consent of the Inspector, according to the rules and conditions by which he has to abide, by requesting this at the appropriate point in the proceedings. Please be aware that there is no absolute right to be allowed to speak although this is generally granted.
There is much preparation work to do now, and not a lot of time in which to do it, before the enquiry opens on Tuesday 6 November, but we will do our best to keep you informed of developments, particularly that of the JR decision.

3 x SMDC Consultations
SMDC has loaded their website with 3 large public consultation exercises. These are the final draft documents that councillors have accepted will be council policy from 2017 to 2031, unless there are necessary changes as a result of this latest, new public consultation exercise which has now started. Below are the links to these consultations, if you haven't already received them directly as a result of previously registering with SMDC. You will have 6 weeks in which to raise any points with SMDC with regard these documents. There are many documents per consultation and of course many pages within each document. It will be difficult if not impossible to read all that they produced in the timescales available and formulate a cohesive CVCS view. We will however attempt to do this. Please note though that many of the documents do not print off as they should - a point which will be raised directly with SMDC shortly. It will also be raised that 6 weeks is far too short a timescale in which to read and absorb these documents and their implications.
We recommend that you open each heading and sub-heading and pick those documents you which to read from the selections in each of the 3 consultations. Friends and family in other locations, including Leek, Cheadle and Biddulph might also be very interested in what SMDC planners have in mind for us.
The CVCS committee will be looking at these consultations as much as we possibly can in the next 6 weeks, but in order to try and cover them as completely as possible can we please ask you to view the sections you are interested in, such as your own locality, make your points to SMDC but copy them to us at this email address. In this way we might just manage to cover these important consultations and bring to everyone's attention  - including SMDC councillors and planners - the deficiencies and benefits found..
Certainly some members will want the changes proposed for their areas and others will not be so keen on them. CVCS is a broad church and is therefore willing to advise and help anyone who wishes to make their views known to SMDC if at all possible. As there are well over 200 CVCS members please bear in mind that if there are a large number of requests for help, getting back to you might be delayed.
SMDC's proposals will affect most us in one way of another and so we are hoping that this will be joint effort for all of us in garnering as much knowledge and information as possible to help as many people as possible to respond to these consultations. Some 2000 people responded to one of last years earlier versions of the same consultations, which is a good number. However SMDC need to know your views in order that their plan is as broadly acceptable as is possible given the constraints of Government policy. If SMDC don't know what you want, or don't want, then they will carry on regardless. Let's make the number many more than 2000 this time as this is THE important consultation.
After reading the sections you are interested in, if there is sufficient member interest, and from the CVCS committee point of view sufficient knowledge to pass on, an extraordinary CVCS meeting could be convened.

Consultation 1 - Staffordshire Moorlands Local Plan - Preferred Options will be available for you
to view and comment between the following dates:
Start date: 31/07/17 10:00
End date: 22/09/17 17:00
Please select the following link to view this event:


Staffordshire Moorlands District Council - Staffordshire Moorlands Local Pl...

This consultation seeks views on the Local Plan Preferred Options. This includes proposed policies, sites and bo...

Consultation 2 - Sustainability Appraisal Report for Preferred Options July 2017 will be
available for you to view and comment between the following dates:
Start date: 31/07/17 10:00
End date: 22/09/17 17:00
Please select the following link to view this event:


Staffordshire Moorlands District Council - Sustainability Appraisal Report for Preferred Options July 2017

Sustainability Appraisal report prepared alongside the SMDC Local Plan preferred options July 2017

Consultation 3 - Green Infrastructure Strategic Network for Staffordshire Moorlands will be
available for you to view and comment between the following dates:
Start date: 31/07/17 10:00
End date: 22/09/17 17:00


Staffordshire Moorlands District Council - Green Infrastructure Strategic Network for Staffordshire Moorlands - Green...

GI Strategy to accompany the Staffordshire Moorlands Local Plan Preferred Options July 2017





Laver Leisure lodge appeal against the planning committee's rejection of the Moneystone Quarry holiday park



Moneystone Holiday Park planning application is Refused !


On 26/11/15 SMDC planning committee voted overwhelmingly against Laver Leisure by 9-1 regarding the proposed leisure development at Moneystone. The grounds were safety, unsuitability of roads, scale and other factors.


The whole meeting was filmed. You can view it on…/meetings-ag…/web-casting


This may well not be the last we hear of the application as Laver could appeal the decision we will keep you posted.