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Moneystone determination put back yet again. Quarry 3 stability is the key issue.


The first two of what could be many planning applications on the former Bolton,s Copper Works site has just become visible on the Staffs Moorlands DC website.

 SMD/2020/0684 – Froghall Wharf, Froghall Road

Proposed Development: Residential development (49 dwellings) including formation of new access, landscaping and associated works, and restoration of listed farmhouse and re-use as a dwelling house.

SMD/2020/0685 – Froghall Wharf, Froghall Road, Froghall

Proposed Development: Listed building consent for a residential development, including formation of new access, landscaping and associated works, and restoration of listed farmhouse and re-use as a dwelling


For historical reference the whole development was envisaged in a site specific Masterplan drawn up in 2011.

The key planning reference is the Churnet Valley Masterplan adopted by the Council in 2014.

Here is an extract from a letter prepared bt Steve Wood of the Cauldon Uttoxeter Canal Trust. The CVCS fully support the fight against any application which stops the canal being restored,

" I as contacted by a heritage adviser working for the current owners early last year and invited to look at the site with them. We were subsequently allowed to survey the site last December and established that not only is a section of the original canal edge visible at ground level, but also that the ground level created when the railway line was laid up the flight of locks is higher than the previous canal level, raising the very real possibility that one or more of the locks still exists below ground level. This would be consistent with our findings elsewhere on the canal where features have been buried rather than removed.

The first lock and basin of the Uttoxeter Canal were reopened in 2005, in a £625k partnership project between volunteers, British Waterways, local and regional authorities, backed by the European Regional Development Fund. The 2009 restoration feasibility study demonstrated that the line of the canal from Froghall as far as Denstone was largely extant and could be restored with minimal deviations from the original line in Oakamoor and Alton, and in a few places where it was crossed by the later railway line. New alignments for the canal in all these locations have been identified. In 2012, the Trust began restoration works further down the canal at Crumpwood, in the project we all know as CVLLP7. The grant of £105k was used to restore Bridge 70, clear the line of the canal and towpath in that area, laying 250m of new towpath in the process. We were greatly assisted by CVLLP partners in various parts of this project, and especially by Staffs Moorlands district Council whose legal team found a way for the trust to acquire Bridge 70 and complete the works. Other Partners from SWT, RSPB and SCC were hugely helpful in different ways with both this project and the milepost reinstatement project CVLLP8.

Since then volunteers have cleared an additional 1.5km of towpath and have uncovered the site of three locks and other heritage structures along the line of the canal, including the grade II listed and unique Crumpwood Weir, where boats previously crossed the River Churnet. We also completed the line of mileposts all the way to Uttoxeter, and have created a walking route from the town into the valley as far as Oakamoor. Several of you will have joined our site visit after a Partnership Board meeting at Alton Castle, when we started to talk about a future project to put a section of canal back into water, potentially for use by young canoeists from Kenelm Trust, and to reinstate over a mile of towpath for walkers. We are still keen to progress this project, though like many other organisations the last 12 months have all but stopped our volunteer activities.

The planning application therefore comes as a huge blow to us and we are contacting both our own supporters and other friends in the Churnet Valley, including yourselves, to enlist any support we can in preserving the line of the canal through Froghall. It may be that you feel that your organisation is able to declare its support for us as a CVLLP Partner in a response to the planning application, or that you have individual team members or volunteers who would be happy to do this. We would be grateful for any support that you might be able to give at what is frankly a make or break moment for the Trust. If this application goes through there is literally no alternative way to restore the canal until houses which have not yet even been built are demolished, which will not be in any of our lifetimes.

The application, SMD/2020/0684, may be viewed by following this link

There is more information about the planning application, as well as a map of the canal and answers to some of the questions we have already been asked on our website"



The Moneystone Holiday Park determination by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council's Planning Applications Committee has been put back yet again to February 11th 2021. This is because Laver Leisure are still unable to satisfy the Planning Officers on many and serious concerns.


Moneystone Quarry Applications

SMD/2019/0646 the reserved matters pertaining to the Outline Permission granted for SMD/2016/0378

It looks as if we may be approaching decision date as the PAC is now scheduled for 12th November 2020

Whiston Golf Course Remodelling

Staffordshire County Council's Planning Applications Committee has refused this application. It is now up to the Applicant to decide what to do. The decision can be appealed within a 6 month time limit. Whiston residents remain vigilant in case of unlawful activity.