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Churnet Valley Masterplan

In march 2014 Staffordshire Moorlands District Council adopted the Churnet Valley Masterplan as a supplimentary planning document which  provides a framework for future development in the valley. See the news page where the three new consultations will eventually lead to a revised and updated vesion of this plan. For more information on the existing Masterplan click


Development Plans


The following considers some of the developments proposed for the valley together with the views of the Churnet Valley Conservation Society (CVCS) in respect of each.  Please click on the links below to find out more 


Major development sites :


Moneystone Quarry


Alton Towers and The Railway


Froghall and Bolton Copper Works

Moorland and City Railways

 Moorland and City Railways appears to be inactive. They had been planning new private rail routes which some people argued gave SMDC their ‘sustainable connectivity’ between all these sites. It remains important to consider the implications of any such developments.

The Society does oppose the principle of sustainable transport links proposed by Moorlands and City Railways. But there are divided opinions regarding the actual use and purpose the railway. It is essential to accurately gauge the feelings of the majority of local residents, if ever proposals reappear, before either advocating it as asustainable link, or campaigning against it. 

However, the misuse of the sustainable ideal inorder to push through less sustainable developments is not appropriate. It must at all times be borne in mind that this is a private railway: the land does not belong to Network Rail, and the services proposed will not be for the benefit of local residents. When considering each specific site, it will also therefore be necessary to assess the implications of the railway.

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