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The Moneystone Holiday Park determination by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council's Planning Applications Committee has been put back to the 6th October 2022. The Planning Officer has called for an independant review on the Applicant's assertions that there are no stability problems in Quarry 3. This review has been carried out by Wardell-armstrong and is available on the SMDC Planning Portal...look for SMD/2019/0646. The direct link to the report is:

The essence of the report is that the correct investigation to determine the safety and stability of the Quarry has NOT been carried out by the Applicant or their agents Abbeydale. The review highlights a whole host of tests and analysees which should have been done. It would appear that Laver Leisure by doing none of this work have put the safety of the Churnet Valley, its inhabitants and its flora and fauna at risk. SHAME ON THEM

2. Whiston Hall Golf Club
Staffordshire County Council's Planning Applications Committee threw out the new application to reprofile the goif course on 9th June2022. We are monitering the situation in case of an appeal by the applicant.

3. Area of Outstanding Beauty
The Churnet Valley was unfortunately not included in the announcement of two new AONB areas. Our MP Karen Bradley maintains her support of the bid for recognition. However Her Majesty's Government is reviewing all landscape desinations and until HMG publishes it's conclusions we are unable to take matters forward at this time.


Agenda for Joint CVCS and WAG Open Meeting – 7:30pm, Wednesday, 03/08/22

Attending: -
Apologies: -
1) Matters arising from previous minutes: -
2) Financial reports: -
3) AONB/Natural Landscapes accreditation update: - Pending PAC decision on Moneystone Park.
3.1) Involvement of other organisations, such as U3A: - Pending as per 3.1
3.2) JS to speak to Paul Roberts about SMDC’s position regarding ANOB/Natural Landscapes accreditation: -
3.3) Karen Bradley MP is still keen on a meeting and requested thoughts be given to attendees (stake holders): - Pending as per 3.1
3.4) AONB Focus Group/Working Party (DF, JS, DG, PC and JW) also awaiting Govt review of National Park, AONB and other landscape designations: - Pending as per 3.1
3.5) Contact with SG re request for her to join CVCS/WAG in any future work for a renewed bid DG to progress when Govt. Policy has been announced: - Pending as per 3.1
3.6) Self-proclaimed ‘South Pennine Park – Park to the Nation’. Prospects for Churnet Valley taking a similar path: - Pending as per 3.1
3.7) Watching Brief re Possibility of the Peak District encompassing the Churnet Valley into the National Park: - Pending as per 3.1
4. Alton Applications: -
4.1) SMD/2020/0679 Little Ranger: - New plans provided. Public Consultation ends 27/7/22. Although late submissions are always accepted by SMDC: - Ongoing.
4.2) SMD/2021/0003 6 Houses Cedar Hill: - Latest posting 10/08/21. No progress Ongoing
4.3) DOC/2022/0023 Nabb Lane, Alton, concerns about height of the lighting columns: - New proposals are more acceptable.
5) Froghall Applications Bolton’s Copperworks: -
5.1) SMD/2020/0684 – 49 new houses – REFUSED. Awaiting developer’s fresh proposals and/or a possible appeal before 11th March 2022. N.B. Due to Covid appeal acceptance dates may be relaxed by PINS:  - No Progress Ongoing
6) Moneystone Quarry Applications: -
6.1) SMD/2022/0014 – re-engineered water outfall: - Ongoing
6.2) SMD/2019/0646 – Moneystone (Quarry) Park: - Ongoing
6.2.1) WA Peer Review of Quarry Stability: -
6.3) SMD/2019/0716 – Laboratory change to Leisure Facility: - Ongoing
6.4) SCC stop notice regarding scrap metal processing business: -
6.5) Expiry of the original 0378 outline permission on 26th October 2021: -
6.6) Possibilities for a PAC hearing: -
6.7) Preferred Planning Application’s sequencing at PAC: -
7) Whiston Applications with SMDC: -
7.1) SMD/2019/0527 WHGC Completion of Existing Structures. Although the application has now been granted it is unclear what construction actually has been commenced (possible 5 other new dwellings  now exist without planning permission): -
7.2) SMD/2020/0007 WHGC 1 new Bungalow: - Latest posting 22/02/22. Ongoing.
7.3) SMD/2020/0739 WHGC Agricultural Shed Change of Use, Certificate of Lawfulness: - Latest posting 18/02/22. Ongoing.
7.4) SMD/2021/0284 Land off Black Lane, Refused, Appealed to PINS. Appeal No. APP/B3438/W/21/3286264: - Ongoing
8) Whiston Applications with SCC: -
8.1) SCC/21/0033/FULL WHGC Re-profiling. Unanimously REFUESD by SCC’s PAC. Awaiting applicant’s decision to appeal or not: - Ongoing.
9) SMDC Enforcement: -
9.1) Changes to the way this is do be carried out in the Staffordshire Moorlands: -
9.2) Whiston Fisheries enforcement issues: -
10) Whiston Planning and Enforcement issues: - A WAG Public Meeting is to be arranged in Whiston VH to discuss the numerous Whiston planning and enforcement issues on Wednesday 7th September 2022.  Details to be confirmed nearer the time.
11) Flooding caused by a Field Drain discharging onto Eaves Lane, Whiston: - Email received by JW from Kingsley PC saying concerns were noted but that the Council considered that no action was required.  Ongoing
12) Feasibility of re-opening of full railway services from Stoke on Trent Railway Station to Cornhill, Leek and associated freight connection to Cauldon Lowe via the ‘Reconnecting Railway Fund’. A  ‘Strategic Outline Business Case’ is to be presented to Govt by September 2022. SMDC awarded £50,000 from ‘Restoring Your Railway Ideas Fund’, and SMDC and Stoke on Trent City Council have committed £8,300 each to cover the initial study. Four Stoke MP’s and  Karen Bradley MP are also working on the feasibility study. CVCS position to be discussed: -
13) Research of new membership of the SMDC PAC in the light of recent changes - JS: -
14) CVCS AGM date was suggested for Wednesday 1st October 2022:-
15) Any Other Business: -
16) Date of next meeting: -
Dates of forthcoming SMDC PAC Meetings: -
11/08/22 - 08/09/22 - 06/10/22 - 10/11/22 - 15/12/22 - 26/01/23 - 16/02/23 - 09/03/23 - 20/04/23 - 25/05/23


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Who Are We?

Churnet Valley Conservation Society dates back to the early 1980s and is a recognised stakeholder by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.  We are concerned with the whole of the Churnet Valley and wish to represent the interests of local inhabitants, human and wildlife. Join our growing membership so that our collective voice is even louder. Please help us in "keeping an eye on the valley" to protect it from undesirable development.

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Our Vision 

 The valley must be an excellent rural living environment which also attracts countryside visitors to enjoy the pleasures of the landscape and appreciate the fascination of its industrial heritage. We do not expect the valley to be frozen in time, it must evolve in line with modern living but at the same time preserve the tranquility of this unique area. Many projects and developments will be proposed on both a large and small scale, all of these must support our vision. We hope that future generations will look back at what is decided now and thank us for the care and effort involved in sustaining and evolving this part of North Staffordshire.