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                       protecting and conserving this natural area of outstanding beauty

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NEWS 1 -   The Local Plan 2016- 2031 has now closed for public consulatation. The period of consulatation was until Friday 22nd September 2017. The plan may still be read on the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council website. The responses are now being analysed by the Council and a further revision of the plan will be put to a Council Assembley meeting in the new year. There will be a further Public Consultation before the Plan is examined by a Government Planing Inspector later in 2018.

NEWS 2 -   Moneystone Holiday Park Judicial Review was heard in the High Court in Manchester on Thursday the 20th July. The case lasted all day but the judge reserved his decision. The Court has not yet issued an official "sealed" notice but the result, which was a refusal to grant a Quashing Order, has been referred to the Court of Appeal. this may take some time to be heard so the Public Enquiry where Laver Leisure are appealing an earlier refusal will be going ahead as planned in November 2017


NEWS 3 -   The CVCS AGM is scheduled for Wednesday 1st November 2017 at the Fox and Goose, Foxt at 7.30pm.


The Society has over 200 members and so if you are thinking of coming along to the AGM would you please let us know as soon as possible since we may have to relocate to a larger venue, and even change the date, if numbers exceed those that the Fox and Goose can accommodate.


One thing though that is looming fast is the public inquiry into the original scheme to construct a leisure park within Moneystone Quarry. It has been a hard slog to get all our ducks in a row and get Laver Leisure's proposal in front of a Government Inspector. The Inquiry opens on Tuesday 7th November at the SMDC Council Offices in Stockwell Street, Leek. We have been contacted by members of the public that wish to inform the inspector of their views regard this proposal, the details of which follow below. The inspector has said he wants to hear from the public and so this is your one and only chance to do so. He is expecting considerable public interest and attendance at the inquiry so lets not disappoint him.


There will be sessions both morning and afternoon on Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th (the inquiry will adjourn at 14:00 on the Friday). It will then reconvene on Tuesday 14th all day, with a final session on the morning of Wednesday 15th - there being no afternoon session. The inquiry sits between 10.00 and 17.00 hrs with an hour for lunch (which may be at different times according to proceedings).


These are all open sessions for the public to observe. Those who wish to speak should attend the first session on the morning of the 7th November when the inspector will call for them to make themselves known to him. Their actual statements/comments will then be heard by him on the following Thursday morning 9th November before coffee. Should this timetable change for any reason I will let you know.


To reiterate, please note that the inspector actively wants to hear your views. He expressed the view that the public's views are important to him. He is also certainly going to hear the views of those who support the scheme too, so it is important that if you have something to say please turn up and say it. As we have said many times before this is most definitely a numbers game and any lack of support for the rejection of the appeal will weigh heavily with him. If we can have the public gallery fully occupied throughout the inquiry the better.


This will be the very last chance to stop this scheme from being built. If it gets built it will most certainly expand over time, just like Alton Towers does almost every year. This will inevitably change the valley forever - even one of the earlier SMDC case officers said this.


The court case against the second planning application to build a similar holiday park is now subject to an appeal. If we loose this inquiry the court case will fold and the holiday park will be built. If we succeed at the inquiry its construction will be in the hands of the Court of Appeal, where the chances of the plaintiff winning are said to be good (why else would they do such a thing).


CVCS – A.G.M. Agenda

Fox and Goose, Foxt - 7:30pm 1 November 2017


Introduction and Apologies.


1              Review of CVCS Activity – Apr 16 to 1 Nov 17

     0220 Moneystone Solar

     0682 Moneystone Access – Appeal

     0378 Moneystone Access – Granted & 0388 Moneystone Access No Right         turn - Refused

     Lord Nelson, Oakamoor -  Asset of Community Value

     Former Bolton Copperworks Site

     Whiston Golf Course


2              Treasurer’s Report.


3              Nomination and Election of Officers

     3.1          Election of Chair –

     3.2          Election of Secretary –

     3.3          Election of Treasurer –

     3.4          Selection of CVLLP attendees (2) –


4              Future Aims and Form of the Society and current activity.

     4.1          In what form should CVCS continue to operate?

     4.2          Is the Society’s Constitution still current?

     4.3          Geographical zone of interest of CVCS. Should CVCS continue to take in the whole of the Churnet Valley as its area of interest?

     4.4          Recruiting new members?


5              A.O.B.


6              Next meeting date:-

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Who Are We?

Churnet Valley Conservation Society dates back to the early 1980s and is a recognised stakeholder by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.  We are concerned with the whole of the Churnet Valley and wish to represent the interests of local inhabitants, human and wildlife. Join our growing membership so that our collective voice is even louder. Please help us in "keeping an eye on the valley" to protect it from undesirable development.

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Our Vision 

 The valley must be an excellent rural living environment which also attracts countryside visitors to enjoy the pleasures of the landscape and appreciate the fascination of its industrial heritage. We do not expect the valley to be frozen in time, it must evolve in line with modern living but at the same time preserve the tranquility of this unique area. Many projects and developments will be proposed on both a large and small scale, all of these must support our vision. We hope that future generations will look back at what is decided now and thank us for the care and effort involved in sustaining and evolving this part of North Staffordshire.


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