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                       protecting and conserving this natural area of outstanding beauty  


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1.The Moneystone Holiday Park determination by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council's Planning Applications Committee has been put back yet again to the 20th May 2021. This is because Laver Leisure have been unable to satisfy the Planning Officers on a number of concerns but most importantly on the stability problems in Quarry 3.

2. Two Planning Applications have been posted on SMC's Planning Portal for developments at Froghall. 

 SMD/2020/0684 – Froghall Wharf, Froghall Road

Proposed Development: Residential development (49 dwellings) including formation of new access, landscaping and associated works, and restoration of listed farmhouse and re-use as a dwelling house.

SMD/2020/0685 – Froghall Wharf, Froghall Road, Froghall

Proposed Development: Listed building consent for a residential development, including formation of new access, landscaping and associated works, and restoration of listed farmhouse and re-use as a dwelling


An early 2021 message to all
Our MP Karen Bradley maintains her support of the bid for AONB status. She has responded positevely to an update letter sent to her by the CVCS.


Agenda for joint CVCS/WAG video conference – 7:30pm, Thursday, 15th April 2021


1. Attendees: -


2. Apologies: -


3. Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meetings.


4. Alton Planning Applications: -


4.1. Application for two Lodges, Nabb Lane, Alton - SMD/2020/0656 (DK/JW): -

Awaiting Decision.


4.2. Application for two lodges, Little Ranger Youth Hostel, Greendale, Oakamoor, Staffs, ST10 3AS - SMD/2020/0679 [& DET/2021/0006] (DK/JW): - PAC Hearing Date 22 April 2021


4.3. Proposed Agricultural Building, Little Ranger Youth Hostel, Greendale, Oakamoor, Staffordshire, ST10 3AS – DET/2021/0006 (DK/JW): - Decision: - PRIOR APPROVAL REQD.


4.4. Proposal for 6 Houses Cedarhill, Alton SMD/2021/0003 (JW): - Awaiting Decision.


5. Bolton Copperworks, Froghall: - Currently set for PAC on 22 April 2021 – 260 approx objections.

SMD/2020/0684 - 49 New Dwellings (48 + 1 Restoration on SMS/2020/0685)  And SMD/2020/0685 – Restoration of Farm off Foxt Road


5.1. Caldon Canal – Uttoxeter Spur Restoration: -


5.2. Remediation of on-site contamination: -


5.3. Lobbying letters to all PAC members: -


5.4 Arrangements in the run up to the PAC: -


5.5. Arranging speakers: - An I.W.A. and C.U.C.T. representatives want to speak.


5.6. Late representation letters: -


5.7 Other development issues: -  


6. Moneystone Quarry: - All 3 planning applications to be heard by SMDC’s PAC is again rescheduled: - Currently set for PAC on 20 May 2021.


6.1. Report on the latest responses to enquiries/zoom meeting between JS, DW and BH, JC: -


6.1a. Continuing PAC date changes (DF/JS): -


6.1b. Fire Safety and Lodge Car Parking issues (DW/DF): - Any updates are to be advised to LM for her PAC speech.


6.1c. Update on legal status of lab buildings (DW): - Ongoing.


6.1d. Impact on agreed Restoration plan of 2014 (DW): - Awaiting reply from LPA - Ongoing


6.1e. Request for access to SMDC Electronic Planning Files (JW): - Access now granted to files. Link awaited from SMDC as confirmed by BH on 19 March 2021. Log on link still awaited.


6.1f. Letter sent to SMDC Chief Executive regarding the iniquity of 3 mins rule (DF): -


6.2. Quarry stability and associated Safety issues: -


6.2a. Letter sent concerning highlighting comparison of geology problems caused by water on sand, mudstone and shale (DW/JF): -


6.2b. - Underwater stability survey request sent (DW/JF): -


6.2c. - Quarry 3 water level reduction, fill materials, and bund construction issues (JS/DW): -


6.2d - No mandatory ‘State of Quarry Report’ upon cessation of quarrying (DW): -


6.2e. - Other Churnet Valley landslip areas (Consall to Denstone) (JW/??): - Large collapse above Black Brook, Froghall. Ipstones Road threatened. Foxt Rd also collapsing again.


6.2f. Caravan stability above water (DW/JF): -


6.2g. Letters to the Press: -


6.2h. Letter to SMDC’s Chief Executive including some of the issues above with reference to an earlier response from the case officer that safety was not a planning matter (JS): -


6.2i. Q1 Concerns (JF): -


6.2j. Q3 Road Bridge Stability requirements (DW): -


6.3. Other Issues: -


6.3a. SWLT and Natural England's response to site meeting and test pitting results awaited (??): -


6.3b. Inadequate and outdated reports on tunnel between quarries 1 and 2(??): --


6.3c. Bat survey of tunnel (DW): -


6.2d. Woodland buffer issues and new concerns about Key Wood & Frame Wood’s ecology as well as the continuing Woodland Trust objection. (DW): -


6.3e. Letter sent to SWLT re new flora and fauna survey. (JS): - Ongoing.


6.3f. Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) for Trees in WEA etc. (All): - Anyone can request consideration for a tree to be given a TPO via link below.


6.3h. Whatstandwell Caravan Park - Public Inquiry (JS): - Public Inquiry info to be incorporated into final letters to SMDC and in PAC speeches. Ongoing.


6.3i. Kingfisher Holiday Park, Skegness removal of older caravans (JW): - FOI sent to SMDC requesting their policy on aging lodges/caravans. Reply awaited.


6.4. Tactical issues: -


6.4a. Future Moorlands Radio and other Media interviews, e.g. Churnet Sound (JS/DW): -


6.4b. Virtual PAC Meeting considerations (All): - On HMG advice Councils should resume attended meetings. However, the public may well still have to attend via virtual means. A court challenge to this advice is set to be heard ASAP. Ongoing


6.4c. Timeline considerations (JW): - Updated as necessary. Ongoing


6.5d. Letters to all PAC members (All) - It will be necessary to send these to their home address close to the time of the meeting: -


7. WAG and CVCS arrangements in the run up to the PAC: -


7.1. Lobbying of all PAC members: -


7.2. Late representation letters: -


8. Whiston Hall Golf Course applications update: -


8.1. KPC response: -


8.2. Whiston residents encouraged to write objections: -


8.2a. Reprofiling (JS): - No further activity at present on SCC’s planning website.


8.2b SMD/2019/0527, Completion of existing structures to form two holiday lets [AB] (All): - Ongoing


8.2c. SMD/2020/0007, 1 new Bungalow. [LJ] (All): - 2 Holding Objections – SWLT and Tree Officer


8.2d. SMD/2020/0735, 6 new home conversions. [AS] (All): - Set for 22 April 2021


8.2e. SMD/2020/0738, New Caravans, Whiston Fisheries Blakeley Lane: - Refused.


8.2f. SMD/2020/0739, New Agricultural Building (Certificate of Lawfulness) [AS] (All): - Ongoing


8.2g. SMD/2021/0040, Proposed Carpark Extension [AS] (All): - SCC Highways Objection


8.2h SMD/2021/0056, New Agricultural Shed [AS] (All): -

Environmental Health recommend refusal.

SCC County Archaeologist advises prior archaeological investigations condition.


9. AONB Letter to Karen Bradley MP reply awaited. (JS): - Ongoing


10. Any Other Business: -


11. Date Next Meeting(s): -




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Who Are We?

Churnet Valley Conservation Society dates back to the early 1980s and is a recognised stakeholder by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.  We are concerned with the whole of the Churnet Valley and wish to represent the interests of local inhabitants, human and wildlife. Join our growing membership so that our collective voice is even louder. Please help us in "keeping an eye on the valley" to protect it from undesirable development.

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Our Vision 

 The valley must be an excellent rural living environment which also attracts countryside visitors to enjoy the pleasures of the landscape and appreciate the fascination of its industrial heritage. We do not expect the valley to be frozen in time, it must evolve in line with modern living but at the same time preserve the tranquility of this unique area. Many projects and developments will be proposed on both a large and small scale, all of these must support our vision. We hope that future generations will look back at what is decided now and thank us for the care and effort involved in sustaining and evolving this part of North Staffordshire.