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1) Planning Application for Consall Hall and Gardens.

Reading the large planning application at Consall Hall Gardens, including the comments made by members of the public who have made either a positive or negative choice on the matter, the following points have come to the fore.


1. the apparent removal of general public access to the grounds as the whole site will become, in effect, a deconstructed hotel spread over much of the grounds.

2. the effect on the local road system.

3. the creation of yet more facilities which can only be accessed by use of the motor car with attendant problems of noise and pollution.


4. on the other hand the gardens may fall into further decay without some source of financial input.

Please consider this application and its impact on the valley and make your response to our Planning Authority Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (SMDC), and please do send a copy to this email address to help inform us on how you feel about it? The closing date is 27th March.

Much more detail can be found within the application itself via the following link:


2) The Local Plan process contniues on its path to eventual adoption by our District Council. It looks as if some 60 or so Major Modifications are being addressed by the Officeers as a result of the Government Inspector's examination. These Mods and the the Inspectors initial responses should be viewed on the SMDC website under the Local Plan link sections EL5.005 and EL6.004.

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Who Are We?

Churnet Valley Conservation Society dates back to the early 1980s and is a recognised stakeholder by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.  We are concerned with the whole of the Churnet Valley and wish to represent the interests of local inhabitants, human and wildlife. Join our growing membership so that our collective voice is even louder. Please help us in "keeping an eye on the valley" to protect it from undesirable development.

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Our Vision 

 The valley must be an excellent rural living environment which also attracts countryside visitors to enjoy the pleasures of the landscape and appreciate the fascination of its industrial heritage. We do not expect the valley to be frozen in time, it must evolve in line with modern living but at the same time preserve the tranquility of this unique area. Many projects and developments will be proposed on both a large and small scale, all of these must support our vision. We hope that future generations will look back at what is decided now and thank us for the care and effort involved in sustaining and evolving this part of North Staffordshire.

7:30pm, Wednesday, 1 May 2019 - Fox & Goose, Foxt.

CVCS – Open Committee Meeting - Agenda


Present: -

1              Apologies: -


2              Matters arising from minutes of previous meeting: - The apology from G.Smallwood was not minuted at the April meeting.


3              Treasurer's report: -

3.1          Difficulties making payments to web hosting company due to out of date email addresses: J.Steele to speak to Mark (pachacuti) to transfer BaseKit account to J.Steele.


4              Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty application: Govt. Landscapes Review: -

                4.1          Next Steps: - Govt. report awaited. Likely to be published in September.

4.2          Possibility of National Park extension: - Govt. likely to report on the consultation in September


5              Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership feedback: -  

5.1          Proposed River Dove weir removal to improve flow and visitor footpath: -

5.2          Churnet Valley Way: Staffordshire Moorlands Riders interest lies in this proposal: -

5.3          Blocked footpath adjacent to Riverside, Oakamoor: -


6              SMDC Local Plan – Latest on Govt. Inquiry Latest Position: -


The full inquiry’s documentation is available via: -


7              Countryside Estates Review: -  


8              SMDC Planning - Major Planning Applications: -

8.1          Moneystone Quarry/Holiday Camp: -

8.2          Alton Towers: -

8.3          Bolton Copperworks: -

8.4          Whiston Golf Course re-profiling: -

8.5          SMD/2019/0057 Major Full Planning applied for at Consall Hall Gardens: -


9              CVCS Internet: -

9.1          Website: -

9.2          Facebook page - Photographs and Comments: –

9.3          New Issues: -


10           Recruiting New Members: -


11           New CVCS Events, Brainstorming session: - Items already suggested:

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